First of all; I’M SORRY.

A crossover nobody asked for…Kill la Kill and Transistor. The idea just crossed my mind recently and I thought it would be funny if the Transistor was a Kamui…and this is what happened.

Aaanyway, in my defence I did do a serious Transistor fan art painting here, and an Emofuri animation of Red here

Edit: I did make a little post on my own personal stance regarding this little crossover :P You can read it here if you want!



See you in the Country.

Finally finished this! It actually didn’t take that long but I didn’t get a lot of time to work on it during the day since I’m still in Japan.

If you haven’t played Transistor yet but are considering it (and have the funds available), I highly recommend it. Some of the best story/design/music I’ve seen in a while. (I wrote a Steam review here, but it’s mostly just me rambling on about how much I love the game). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the piece.